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sigoth's Journal

Staten island Gothic
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80s, :wumpscut:, a perfect circle, alchemy, all things goth, anne rice, antichrist, art, assemblage 23, batman returns, bauhaus, beborn beton, beetlejuice, bella morte, black lipstick, blood, bondage, books, candles, cathedrals, cemetaries, century media records, charles manson, christopher walken, claire voyant, cleopatra records, clubs, coal chamber, coffins, cold, corsets, covenant, crying, darkwave, depeche mode, diturbed, edward scissorhands, europe, exorcism, eyeliner, fantasy, fire, fishnets, funker vogt, gargoyles, gary oldman, gay goths, goggles, goth, goth culture, goth girls, goth guys, gotham city, gothic, gothic art/architecture, gothic metal, gothic realm, gothic style, gothicism, graves, grotesque, halloween, handcuffs, hate, horror, industrial, italy, jack off jill, johnny the homicidal maniac, l'ame immortelle, labyrinth, lacuna coil, leather straps, legend, love, love for the dark, marilyn manson, metropolis records, music, my ruin, new york city, nightwish, oh my goth, orgy, pain, photography, piercings, platform boots, poetry, poppy z brite, promoting bands, rain, razed in black, rob zombie, robert smith, rosemary's baby, salem witch trials, secret ceremony, sex, shows/concerts, singing, sisters of mercy, spirituality, stars, switchblade symphony, tattoos, the birthday massacre, the cruxshadows, the cure, the dark crystal, the lost boys, the omen, tim burton, tool, type o negative, vampires, velvet acid christ, war, white zombie, wicca, winona ryder, winter